A Message of Hope, Passion, Truth &

with L.A. Parker

  1. Group Discussions
    People tell about issues related men, women, parenting, finances, God, and other topics that effect the daily family life. We encourage & provide support.
  2. Public Speakers
    L.A. Parker takes engagements and volunteers as a public speaker of career development, relationships, family dynamics and personal and spiritual healing. The experience is most rewarding and therapeutic to say the least.
  3. Life Coaching
    As your Life Coach, we'll help you discover what's really most important to you in your life. •Then we'll help you design a plan to achieve those things. •We'll work with you to eliminate any obstacles or blocks that stand in your way. •We'll partner with you all the way to success. •Then we'll celebrate with you!
Food for Thought
L.A. Parker
One commodity that is irreplaceable is TIME. The highest valued good that is no longer manufactured is DIRT (Land).
Let know one waste your time. The next second, the next minute or hour isn’t promised so when you get it why would you or you allow someone else to throw it away or take it for granted. Live every moment as if you won’t get another. Eat good food, travel, cherish your family and love hard.
Land is something that there is not much of. However, when we (as a people) come into any amount of financial gain we purchase depreciating items that will never give us a full return. Can you pass a purse or shoes down to your son/daughter? Can it be liquidated? It doesn’t take a lot. The average down payment on a piece of land is approx. 20%. If it is 1 acre for $20K that’s only $4,000. Build your own house; leave a legacy for your children. Aspire to be more. Don’t settle for what society tells you that you are. Stop being lazy and think about someone other than yourself. Take a note from the previous generations whose greatest aspiration was to have total freedom.
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There are band-aides that blend in with the skin. They are neutral in color and if not paying close attention no one would be able to even tell that there is a wound there.
Pay close attention to the scars that people have. Are they healed or are they just well bandaged?
Social and Spirituality
Board Room/Career Development

Let's take some time to evaluate our retirement plan. What personal, financial and social resources are you preparing for that stage of life. Who will be soaking your dentures? Will you be sitting on a porch reminiscing or in an activity room waiting for someone to come visit. If you don't invest in your children they won't be there. If you don't invest in a stable relationship you will be alone. A dime piece today won't be worth a nickel in 15 years. Whose to say that you even have 15 years. If you find good people, hold on to them. If you don't invest in your 401k you will find your self scrambling waiting on the 1st of the month.
Employees have issues or conflict at work, being able to talk things through with a qualified and experienced person can help.
  Support is available to employees when personal or work issues are impacting on work or well-being.  Time to Change is committed to changing how people think and talk about mental health in the workplace. 
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