A Message of Hope, Passion, Truth &

with L.A. Parker

L.A. Parker discusses topics related to relationships of men and women, parenting, finances, God, etc....that impacts people daily lives. Life coaching and live tapings of dialog on hot topics are the main objectives with panel guests and social media audience who provides real-time feedback.  Her goal is to change lives through encouragement, prayer, practical tools and support.
 L.A.Parker a 45-year-old divorced mother of four and grandmother of three came from a lineage of Geismar, Louisiana (Ascension Parish). She was raised in Dallas, Texas by her mother, stepfather, and grandparents till the age of 14. Due to circumstances which prevented her from completing her senior year, she proceeded to obtain her GED instead. She later returned back to school to complete her BA in Healthcare Administration from Columbia Southern University, MBA from Colorado Tech University and is currently a Ph.D. student of Psychology, ABD from Walden University. As a self-proclaimed author, life coach, social activist and motivational speaker she tells the story of her experiences as a teenage single parent, her spiritual walk, educational challenges, an unsuccessful marriage, dating and more. She uses multiple platforms to impose the science of psychology, practical tools, critical thinking, and spirituality to help people through the most challenging seasons of life.
Couch Tyme was created with this concept in mind to bridge the gaps in everyday life using psychology and spirituality to help broken people and make sense of the chaos